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Rise is an award-winning suite of tools geared specifically towards political firms, organizations, and campaigns. Our team of developers and data scientists have used learnings from significant experience in the industry to create easy-to-use products that solve some of the biggest roadblocks in politics.


Rise offers unparalleled insights into political decision-making. With tools crafted by those in the industry for those in the industry, Rise is unique in the way that everything it does is catered for politics and campaigns.


We've developed ways to tackle politics' biggest challenges head on: from ads, to ballot returns, to content tracking and reporting. And we're committed to making it accessible to campaigns of all sizes and scopes.


Get insight into everything about your campaign and your opponents’ right here. See who is talking about your race, track how much you’re raising, and monitor how your ads are performing all in one place. This all-in-one reporting tool will allow you to access all your insights easily to make data-based decisions about your campaign.


Unique access to social ads with unique opportunities for tracking. We offer ads data for Meta, Google, Twitter, and Snapchat. And, if you don't know who's spending in your race, we'll give you unique ways to figure that out, too.



Tally tracks early ballot returns and shows you exactly who has returned their ballots to help you know how the race is going in the critical last days to allow you to make any last-ditch efforts to ensure victory.


Get access to a whole suite of content tools. Reactivate contacts who are active on one of your other lists. Text people who are actually interested in what you have to say. Bolster profiles with additional data. And find your ROI on acquisition instantly.


Understand where to place your ads based on your target audience. Get recommendations on when to start running ads. Know where your dollar goes the farthest with advanced CPM analysis.

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